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TORONTO, ON; CHICAGO, IL: Marketers today face two major challenges: 1) keeping up with trends & technologies to provide the best ways to reach consumers, and 2) showing accountability for measurable results. Today’s marketing problems will be solved by people with diverse skill sets.  Accelteon Partners Inc. of Toronto, Ontario teamed up with Torque Ltd. a Chicago based BRAND MARKETING agency to demonstrate a measurably better way for marketers to connect with consumers - Tribal Marketing

Marketing must strike a balance between customizing messages and generating ROI. Purely demographic approaches are losing effectiveness, while exclusively pursuing profitable 1-to-1 may not build enough sales volume.

“Viewing consumers as tribes allows brands to be a means of supporting tribal connections. It is a way of conversing with consumers rather than shouting at them,” said Malcolm Jussawalla, Partner at Accelteon Partners Inc. “In our eBook we present a new way of thinking about brands and consumers, and how the two interrelate.”

The eBook project details the market transformation of a bottled water company, from a me-too player to a tribe-focused brand.  Insights are drawn from Accelteon’s expertise in strategy & analytics and Torque’s expertise in market execution.

“By putting the tribe at the center of the marketing conversation, a brand can expand relationships with loyal consumers and also foster relationships with new consumers,” says Kevin Masi, President & Co-Founder of Torque Ltd.  “For example, many people are concerned about the environmental impact of bottled water.  We pro-actively addressed this in our recommendations.”

The eBook, written in case format, guides the reader through developing a tribal strategy and presents samples of strategic execution throughout the engagement.

This e-Book is the result of months of collaborative work between Torque and Accelteon.


Download “Tribal Waters: Embracing Consumer Tribes”


In November 2008, the Accelteon team met Torque Ltd, a Chicago based BRAND MARKETING agency. What immediately set this agency apart from many others was that they live and breath Tribal Marketing and Strategy like we do.

Quite quickly we realized that Torque’s Tribal Intelligence® process and our Tribal Strategy process are very well aligned. We both realized that although there were grumblings about consumer tribes, tribal marketing and tribal strategy, there was little in the way of thought leadership. Thus, we decided to embark on a collaborative journey to develop a comprehensive case which could lead the our clients through the process while showing what a tribal strategy looks like.

The Case:

We chose to do our case on a bottle water company for two reasons:

  1. It is a category that everyone at some point in their life has some experience with
  2. It is a category that requires differentiation on parameters other than actual product

Throughout the case you will follow how we helped a Vermont based bottle water company adopt a Tribal Strategy. We hope you will be able to apply some of the concepts to your brands.

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