The Nissan Cube launch in Canada was supposed to leverage social media extensively.   The cornerstone of the promotion was a contest where 50 people  would get a set of keys to a brand new Nissan Cube.  The contestants had to demonstrate their creativity and blog and write about the Cube.  Unfortunately, the hundreds that did not win were disappointed, many of them started to investigate ties between the judging panel and the contestants.  Resulting in some deeming the contest to be unfair.  You can read the in-depth story here.

However, one quote in the article by Tony Chapman, CEO of Capital C stuck out for me.

“I want non-conformists. I don’t want dad pulling the groceries out of the car in Markham,” Chapman told the Financial Post in an interview that appeared June 5. “[The Cube] is a quirky, function-follows-form kind of car. It is not for everybody, [and] it is not meant to be. The person getting out of there will have dreadlocks and a courier bag, or they will have their modeling portfolio under their arm; they are not giving in. They are pursuing their creative dreams.”

According to Chapman, these comments were intended to address questions about who would find the Cube appealing. Both he and Nissan deny that they were meant to influence the judges. In fact, they point out that judging had already taken place when the articles in question were published.

(Bold added by me - you’ll see why below)

So I’ve decided to hold our own contest.  For anyone describing, or showing a creative way to pay for a Nissan Cube, we will post your story, picture or video on our blog (please keep it tasteful and respectful)

Here is my way:

Walk into a dealership in a caffeinated state.  Open up an over-sized courier bag and spread a large quantity of old coins on the dealer’s desk.  Then emphatically try to convince the value of the coins is equal to the ~$16,988 -$18,288 you’ll need for a base model.

After all, they want non-conformists

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Posted by Malcolm on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 9:27 am
Filed Under Category: Consumer Goods
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