Earlier, I blogged about the launch of Metrotwin, and how I did not quite understand the value proposition.  To recap, my biggest issues were:

  • I am not quite sure who they are targeting.  Will the membership base consist of (note: as of their Sept 13th blog post, they were planning on sending 4,000 invites out):
    • People who travel the NY-London route frequently?
    • Residents of NY/London who don’t fly often but know their restaurants and bars well?
    • Business travellers?  Tourists?
  • What is the connecting thread between the people who will form this community?
    • The love of travel?
    • The love of good food?
    • A sense of adventure to try new things?
  • How much better is this site than other sources with the same information?
    • Network of friends
    • Restaurant guides
    • City guides
    • Other social networking sites

Well, about 9 months later, I think some of the issues I had raised earlier are affecting Metrotwin.  I went on to alexa.com to see the changes in the site’s usage statistics (over 3 month period).  The 3 areas of concern for British Airways are:

  • Pageviews/User - Down 11%
  • Bounce % (ppl who leave after viewing 1 page) -  Up 8%
  • Time on Site -  Down 10%
This means that over a 3 month period people are interacting with the site less and are not finding what they are looking for.
British Airways should consider revising its approach to this site by focusing on what the active participants really want and modifying the offering to support the tribe.
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Posted by Malcolm on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 3:04 pm
Filed Under Category: Consumer Goods
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